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Welcome to the website of DHAKA BANGLADESH LAWYER.COM

We are a law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh aiming to provide legal services to people and businesses around the globe in need of legal services in Bangladesh.
This website is the business website of S Hossain & Associates Law office, a leading law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dhaka is increasingly becoming one of the largest cities in Asia in terms of population, size, business, education, banking and finance etc. Dhaka is undoubtedly the Political, Commercial, Legal, Administrative and cultural Hub and capital of Bangladesh. Our law office is situated in Banasree area near the new land mark in Dhaka city the Hatir Jheel project

We also understand and appreciate that Dhaka is also the capital city of millions of Bangladeshi living abroad. The Non Resident Bangladeshis (NRB) is in need of legal support in Dhaka or other parts of Bangladesh. From our long experience in helping and working for NRB clients we understand what are the areas they need help most To name a few:

  1. Litigation in any Courts in Bangladesh
  2. Divorce and family disputes
  3. Child adoption and naturalizing the child abroad
  4. Property disputes
  5. Power of Attorneys and Notary Services
  6. Company Disputes
  7. Criminal litigation faced by family members
  8. Immigration for family members in Bangladesh
  9. Regulatory Approvals


We also specialize in working for foreign investors, foreign citizens in need of legal services in Bangladesh, Foreign law firm, LPO services. To name a few of the services:-

  1. Company registration, Company document searching, providing company related certified documents.
  2. Setting up new business in Bangladesh. Full service is provided for setting up business in Bangladesh. Please email for details at info@shossainandassociates.com.
  3. We are the top law firm in Bangladesh for Trademark, Patent, IP registration.
  4. Contract drafting and vetting
  5. LPO services for Litigation and non litigation matter for North America and Europe.
  6. Outsourcing any legal, Para legal or secretarial works for any law firm or any other institutions.
  7. Tele Communication law
  8. Energy law
  9. Arbitration
  10. Mediation
  11. Social business projects
  12. Criminal and Civil Litigation